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Truckles & Wedges

Individual Mini Cheeses & Wedges

Perl Las Best Blue & Home International Winner International Cheese Awards Nantwich
Perl Las is unlike any other blue cheese, strong but delicate, creamy with lovely lingering blue overtones.

Perl Wen Looks like Brie. Behaves like Brie.......but! Gold Medal Yorkshire Show
This modern Welsh cheese has the fresh citrus but creamy flavour of Caerffili with an underlying hint of sea salt....... very more-ish!

Golden Cenarth Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards
This semi-soft cheese is washed in cider and develops a pungent savoury flavour with a nutty aftertaste. Comes in a special wooded crate and is Ready to Eat or Ready to Bake!
Bake for 20minutes at 200C.

Thelma's Original Caerffili Reserve Champion Royal Welsh 2016
A Welsh Classic, crafted to perfection. As traditional today as when it was made by Carwyn's Great Great Grandmothers Lizzie Wyn and Leisa Jones. Mild fresh creamy cheese with a lemony flavour and a hint of underlying sea salt.

Smoked Caerffili A Great Twist on a Great Classic
Smoked here on Glyneithinog Farm. The lightness of the smoking adds an extra, earthy dimension to the flavour and texture.

Garlic & Herb Caerffili Flavours and Aromas from the Herb Garden
Fresh Caerffili with a subtle savoury taste.

Cenarth Brie A Traditional French Style Cheese
Cenarth Brie develops distinctive mushroomy and cabbagy aromas and flavours as it softens and matures.


Perl Las Wedge 150g


Perl Wen Wedge 165g


Golden Cenarth 250g


Smoked Caerffili Wedge 180g


Garlic & Herb Caerffili Wedge 180g


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