Boxed Mini Cheeses

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Boxed Mini Cheeses

A range of small but perfectly crafted cheeses that come in a wax casing and an individual gift box. They are ideal gifts - or you could just treat yourself?


Cryf, the Welsh word for Strong

A strong but smooth cheese, full of the creaminess synonymous with Caws Cenarth Cheese.


Mature Cheese with Brandy & Apricot 

Creamy cheesiness followed by the sweet apricots, then a bang of Brandy! A great dessert cheese instead of a pud!


Mature Cheese with Leeks

The Welsh Favourite. Great crumbled into mash potatoes or in a cauliflower cheese sauce.


Mature Cheese with Chilli and Tomato 

Sundried tomato and a moderate hint of chilli. 


Ffili - Light, creamy Caerffili

Light, almost lemony fresh creamy cheese with an underlying hint of sea salt.

Cryf 200g


Brandy & Apricot 200g


Leeks 200g


Chilli & Tomato 200g


Ffili 200g


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