The Caws Cenarth Box

SKU: 0016
  • A selection box containing 1 of each of our wonderful cheeses.

    1x Perl Las Wedge 150g

    1x Perl Wen Truckle 200g

    1x Golden Cenarth 200g

    1x Cenarth Brie

    1x Thelmas Original 180g / Traditional Caerffili 180g

    1x Garlic & Herb Caerffilli 180g

    1x Smoked Caerffili 180g / Mamog 150g

    1x Ffili 200g

    1x Cryf 200g

    1x Leeks 200g

    1x Chilli and Tomato 200g

    1x Brandy & Apricot 200g


    If stock is unavailable of one of our cheeses then we will replace it with another variety.

VAT Reg number - 976777638

Company Reg number - 6864908