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Article: Carwyn


Master Cheese Maker

Meet Carwyn Adams, the visionary behind Caws Cenarth Cheese. A passionate creator dedicated to crafting cheeses that explode with robust flavours, elevate experiences, and bring joy through every bite. Carwyn's drive is to continuously innovate and infuse his distinctive touch into well-loved cheeses, transcending their taste into something extraordinary.

His culinary journey revolves around curating moments, whether it's savouring these delectable creations in the comfort of one's home or immersing oneself in the dairy's immersive experiences. At the core of Carwyn’s business lies a mission to enrich people's lives with delightful gastronomic encounters, leaving an indelible mark on their palates and memories.

Carwyn's realm extends beyond mere sustenance; it's about crafting an ambiance of enjoyment and connection. Carwyn’s cheeses foster conversations, gather friends and family, and become catalysts for shared experiences. His work transcends the boundaries of being just 'food'; it's about the joy, connection, and enrichment it brings to people's lives.

Among his remarkable creations are cheeses that have set new benchmarks. The Brie-like Perl Wen, with its velvety texture and bold character, the creamy blue masterpiece, Perl Las, and the unforgettable Golden Cenarth, a washed-rind cheese crowned with a robust flavour that earned it the prestigious Supreme Champion title at the British Cheese Awards.