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Beautiful Welsh Artisan Cheese

Cheese Making began in the family as far back as 1903 with Carwyn Adams great, great, grandmothers Lizzie Wyn and Leisa Jones making cheese for the family and to sell at the local market. The tradition stayed in the family until 1987 when Gwynfor and Thelma Adams (Carwyns Parents) rekindled the family tradition and Caws Cenarth was born!

Three Generations of Caws Cenarth Welsh Cheese Making

Caws Cenarth is a family business started by Gwynfor and Thelma Adams in 1987 in response to Milk Quotas. Here, on their farm, Glyneithinog, in the lovely and lush valley of the river Cych, they drew on a six generation tradition of cheesemaking and Caws Cenarth quickly established a reputation for its creamy, fresh-flavoured Caerffili.

Our Cheese Production Process

At our Caws Cenarth Dairy, we pride ourselves on the meticulous process of crafting exquisite cheeses. See the step by step breakdown below.

What our clients are saying...

"We are proud to stock the exquisite cheeses from Caws Cenarth. The quality and flavours of their products never fail to impress our customers. The range of cheeses they offer, each with its unique character and taste, adds a delightful variety to our selection. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into their cheese production are evident in every bite. Our customers rave about the rich and distinct flavours that truly capture the essence of Wales. The team at Caws Cenarth have been a pleasure to work with, always ensuring prompt deliveries and excellent customer service. We highly recommend their cheeses to anyone seeking a truly exceptional culinary experience."

Chandra - Blas ar Fwyd

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