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Abadia Mercier Verdejo 2019
Abadia Mercier Verdejo 2019 Sale price£12.50
Black Sheep - Mini 150gBlack Sheep - Mini 150g
Carmarthen Ham - 60g
Carmarthen Ham - 60g Sale price£5.50
Carwyns Cheese Box
Carwyns Cheese Box Sale price£35.00
Caws Cenarth Gift Voucher
Caws Cenarth Gift Voucher Sale price£30.00
Cenarth Brie - (Large Wheel) min weight 1kgCenarth Brie - (Large Wheel) min weight 1kg
Cenarth Brie mini - min weight 200gCenarth Brie mini - min weight 200g
Cenarth Club Box
Cenarth Club Box Sale price£30.00
Cenarth Club Box - 2 Monthly
Cheddar with Balsamic Onion - Mini 200g
Cheddar with Brandy and Apricot - Mini 200gCheddar with Brandy and Apricot - Mini 200g
Cheddar with Chilli and Tomato - Mini 200gCheddar with Chilli and Tomato - Mini 200g
Cheddar with Crystalised Ginger - Mini 200gCheddar with Crystalised Ginger - Mini 200g
Cheddar with Leeks - Mini 200gCheddar with Leeks - Mini 200g
Cheese and Port Gift
Cheese and Port Gift Sale price£68.00
Cheese Wedding Cake Selection
Cradoc's chilli, garlic and ginger crackers - 80g
Cradoc's Oat crackers with cheddar cheese 80g
Cradoc's Sea Salted crackers 80g
Cradoc's Vegetable Cheddar Cheese and Onion Chutney crackers 80g
Cradoc's Vegetable crackers with Beetroot and Garlic 80g
Crispy Thins Black Olive Crackers 80g
Crispy Thins Laver Bread Crackers 80g
Crispy Thins Seeded Crackers 80g
Crispy Thins Tomato Herb Crackers 80g
Cryf Extra Mature Cheddar - Mini 200gCryf Extra Mature Cheddar - Mini 200g
Dad's Christmas selectionDad's Christmas selection
Dad's Christmas selection Sale priceFrom £28.00
Sold outDol Las - Wedge 120gDol Las - Wedge 120g
Dol Las - Wedge 120g Sale price£5.60
Dylans Fruit Chutney 300g
Dylans Piccalilli 200g
Ffili (Caerffili) - Mini 200gFfili (Caerffili) - Mini 200g
Golden Cenarth - Mini 200gGolden Cenarth - Mini 200g
Gwenyn Gruffydd Honey - 142g
Heather Honey Dessert Wine 37.5cl
La Granja 360 Verdejo Viura 2019
Llain - limited edition Parmesan style Cheese
Lunetta Rosé Prosecco 75cl
Lunetta Rosé Prosecco 75cl Sale price£12.50
Monthly Cheese Taster Gift Subscription - 2 Months Gift - £30/Month plus delivery
Monthly Cheese Taster Gift Subscription - 3 Months Gift - £30/Month plus delivery
Monthly Cheese Taster Gift Subscription - 4 Months Gift - £30/Month plus delivery
Moose Maple Butter
Moose Maple Butter Sale price£2.99
Perl Las - (Large Wheel) 2.5kgPerl Las - (Large Wheel) 2.5kg
Perl Las - (Large Wheel) 2.5kg Sale priceFrom £26.00
Perl Las mini - min weight 200gPerl Las mini - min weight 200g
Perl Las wedge - 150gPerl Las wedge - 150g
Perl Las wedge - 150g Sale price£5.30
Perl Wen mini - min weight 200gPerl Wen mini - min weight 200g
Perl Wen Organic - (Large Wheel) 1kgPerl Wen Organic - (Large Wheel) 1kg