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Carmarthen Ham - 60g
Carmarthen Ham - 60g Sale price£5.50
Cradoc's Sea Salted crackers 80g
Dylans Fruit Chutney 300g
Moose Maple Butter
Moose Maple Butter Sale price£2.99
Crispy Thins Laver Bread Crackers 80g
Tregroes Savoury Crackers x 6
Crispy Thins Black Olive Crackers 80g
Radnor Preserves Cider and Leek Chutney 145g
Welsh Wildflower Honey 227g
Dylans Piccalilli 200g
Cradoc's chilli, garlic and ginger crackers - 80g
Cradoc's Vegetable crackers with Beetroot and Garlic 80g
Cradoc's Vegetable Cheddar Cheese and Onion Chutney crackers 80g
Welsh Heather Honey 227g
Welsh Heather Honey 227g Sale price£5.80
Crispy Thins Tomato Herb Crackers 80g
Crispy Thins Seeded Crackers 80g
Welsh Mountain Honey 227g
Welsh Mountain Honey 227g Sale price£5.80
Cradoc's Oat crackers with cheddar cheese 80g
Tapenade Verde 105g
Tapenade Verde 105g Sale price£3.50
Welsh Lady Ale Chutney 285g
Radnor Preserves No 1 Chutney 227g
Tregroes milk chocolate Waffles - 270g
Tregroes dark chocolate Waffles - 270g
Radnor Preserves Chilli Jam 155g
Radnor Preserves Cider and Leek Chutney 227g
Radnor Preserves Welsh Ale Chutney 145g
Radnor Preserves Chilli Jam 240g