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Perl Las mini - min weight 200g

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Perl Las is probably our best know Cheese along with its creamier sister Perl wen. Perl Las is a superb blue cheese, golden in colour, with a creamy, gently salty taste that grows stronger with maturity.
Perl Las mini - min weight 200g
Perl Las mini - min weight 200g Sale price£6.25

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Katie Gribble
Stunning as always

Went to Caws a long time ago to sample some cheese and have been addicted ever since. When we found out about delivery, our cheese obsession could continue. The Perl Las is incredible and so creamy.

John Dorrington
My favourite

Simply my favourite blue cheese. Softer (texture, not taste) than most.

Jayne H
Know Caws Cenarth through...

Know Caws Cenarth through the industry. The Cheese never fails for professional and social venues. The delivery is swift and assured. So competently mades , it can be eaten within a couple of days or matured on.Many thanks.

Fiona A
This is my favourite, cre...

This is my favourite, creamy and blue. Yummy

Rosemary G
3 Stars

Aug 21, 2023